Toronto Ontario – The biggest city in Canada

When mentioning to Canada, many people think that the capital of Canada is Toronto Ontario, not Ottawa. This is understandable because Toronto is the most developed city in Canada.

Toronto Ontario – Things you might not know!

Toronto – located north of Lake Ontario, is the busiest city of Canada and the Americas. It is the commercial, financial, industrial and cultural center of this nation. Toronto is considered one of the safest cities in North America with a diversity of culture, ethnicity, and art. It is also famous for skyscrapers, University of Toronto, and the CN tower.

Although not the capital of Canada, but Toronto has become an important city, superficial in many ways. Toronto was dubbed the “Heart of the country of maple”

Toronto – Economic leader of Canada and Americas

Toronto is a major international center for businesses and financial companies. This is considered the financial capital of Canada. The city is covered by banks, brokers, services, Criminal lawyers and stock exchanges. The city always ranks first in the rankings, including:

Ranked 4th for PWc’s city for learning opportunities in 2014

Ranked 9th in 54 global financial centers in 2013 voted by Banker Magazine

Ranked 14th among 83 cities as the world’s leading financial centers according to the Global Financial Centers Index.

Besides, the city is also proud to be one of the largest

concentrations of headquarters of financial companies in the world. With over 245,000 people working in this area, Toronto is the 3rd largest financial center in North America after New York and Chicago. Labor in the financial services industry in Toronto accounts for 64% of Ontario and 31% of Canada (Source: Statistics Canada, Labor Force Survey, 2013).

Toronto – a great place to live and study. Toronto Computer Science’s is one of many great examples.

Always at the forefront of global surveys – Toronto is one of the safest, cleanest and greenest cities. It also offers the best educational opportunity, the best healthcare system and the most livable place. It is expressed through:

Top 4 “buzziest cultural capitals” in 2013 – according to Vogue Magazine

Top 5 most visited places in the world in 2013 – according to Conde Nast Traveler

Top 10 places to visit in North America in 2013 – according to Stylist Magazine

Toronto is like a global city because with nearly 50% of the population of the city are foreigners from around the world. Therefore, the city is a vivid picture of multi-ethnic culture. No other place has as many multicultural areas as there are in Toronto, including: Chinatown, Corso Italia, Greektown

As one of the largest and most populous cities in Canada, Toronto is also known as the safest urban centers in North America. Toronto has the lowest crime rate in Canada of any city with a population of at least 500,000 people (Statistics Canada Crime Report – 2010).

In addition to being a very safe city, Toronto is also known as the cleanest city with the streets are well-planned and have lots of green spaces. That is reflected in the impressive figures below:

1,500 parks are places for people to play and entertain.

54,000 entertainment programs serving more than one million participants

1,800 buildings taller than 30 meters – where offices, offices and business centers are located.

Hundreds of swimming pools, playgrounds, tennis courts, indoor and outdoor sports fields and public centers.

Some famous landmarks in Toronto:

CN Tower (Toronto Television Tower)

PATH Underground Network

Ontario Museum

Habourfront jetty

University of Toronto

With all great things above, we can say that Toronto Ontario is the best place not only for travelling but also living and studying.